Are You Still Paying Fees Of Cloud Storage? Try This Method Instead (Free unlimited storage)

Free Unlimited Cloud Storage On Your PC

free cloud storage

Try this cloud storage for free unlimited storage on your PC or Android.This google Drive, One Drive & I Cloud Storage Is Killer...
On this website you can upload any file no matter how large it is...This website name is unlim cloud in which you can upload any file of any size for completely free.

Here you just have to login by your tetegram account, and you are ready to go

This is the first screen you will see after login

free cloud for unlimited storage

Now you have to click on the plus icon on the right bottom side 

free cloud for unlimited storage

Here you will get a pop up window of files 
 and now you have to choose the file you wanna back up
and click open

free cloud for unlimited storage

Now your file is uploading on this site and it will after seen in the files secton in the left side bar

free cloud for unlimited storage

After file is successfuly uploaded on it it will look something like this 

This website also have an android app for easy access on your phone where you can modify And add files in your cloud

Pls Note* Every website you use for free they take your data, so be carefull with it and do not upload any personal files to it. use it for storing your audio songs, video or any other commen file which is not that much important to you

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